Sefton Health Champions – Super Sensory 1 KM

Today Sefton Health Champions, Cheryl, Phil and Paul went to St Joseph’s and Fernley Resource Centre. We went to take part in the Super Sensory 1km walk and to do a Health First Roadshow.

It’s been a fantastic day with sunshine all the way. We began the walk with the first group  and stopped at various stations. These were set up to stimulate the senses. One was about touch,    with brightly coloured streamers and balloons. Another was about sound and we played the drums  and a gong. The last one was all about smells and we walked through sprays of pine smells.

After the walk we had lunch with everyone in the garden a barbeque and also has some smoothies form the smoothy bike!

The healthy champions then went around the groups giving out information with healthy messages and talking to people  about our work. Phil said “It’s been an amazing day I really enjoyed listening to the sounds in the forest”. Cheryl said” I am glad I came the fresh air has made me feel much better”. Paul said , It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves and be able to give out some useful information too”.



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