Sefton Health Champions- Sex Education Courses week 4 and 5

The Sefton Health Champions have been continuing with their Sex and Relationships Course and have one more week to go. We have been talking about high and low risks . We looked at some situations, when we had to decide if the relationship was safe.

It is unsafe to call your partner names  or to be nasty. We should treat everyone equally. Sometimes you might get butterflies in your stomach if you do not feel safe. You should always tell someone you trust if you feel like that. It is safe to tell a partner if you are not ready for sex. It is unsafe to give someone you have just met your mobile number.

This week we looked at contraception and confidentiality. We looked at different types of contraception for example, condoms, the pill, implants and the coil.

We were given a practical demonstration about how to use condoms safely.We were also shown examples of other types of contraception for women. We looked at 3 types of coils that can last from 3 to 10 years. We also looked at a hormone implant that can last for 3 years. This can stop women getting pregnant.

We were told the  NHS Sexual Health Clinics are all free and people can get contraception and advice there. The information you give is always confidential, which means the staff won’t tell anyone , unless they are worried about you or someone else. The dates and times for these clinics are on the NHS websites.

Finally we all said what we thought of the session. People said, ” Helpful, some bits were new to me”, “I enjoyed the session, the bits about the coil were very useful”,” It is interesting I didn’t know about patches”, “It was a hard session but extremely useful”.



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