Sefton Health Champions- sex education and relationships-course week 3

We all continued with our course this morning. Trisha did a warm up exercise to get us all talking .

Today we were looking at avoiding risk in relationships and consent. We talked about what consent means. It means people need to give permission  and ask permission before they have a sexual relationship. Trisha said, “When people are in a relationship they still need to give and ask for consent”.

We then did a quiz. Trisha  said,  ” the legal age to have  sex is 16 years of age” and ” You can’t share personal photos of people without their permission”.

We then looked at 3 stories and discussed if there was anything wrong in the story. People said, ” It is wrong for a paid or voluntary carer to have a sexual relationship with the person they are caring for”

People also said, ” It is wrong to bribe people into a relationships by giving them gifts all the time”.

Everyone then did a timeline of what should happen in a healthy relationship and people found it easier to agree this week.

At the end of the session Trisha asked people to say what they thought of the session. People said,

” I feel more comfortable now ”

” It was great looking at different stories and learning about the responsibility of carers ”

” Very good, I liked it when you read and I was able to ask questions about the story”.


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