Road Ahead day out to Knowsley Safari Park

On the 30th May The Road Ahead went on a day out to Knowsley Safari Park for a team building day.  Antonia couldn’t go because she was on holiday.

When we got  there  we wanted to go on the monkey bus but we couldn’t  because it was school half term and it was fully booked, so went to see birds of prey and the other animals. At 12 o’clock  we to see the sealion show; it was brilliant.  After lunch we went on the train around the park to see the other  animals. Emma and Gary went on the pirate ship ride;  Emma said she enjoyed the ride and Gary was nearly sick!

It was raining off and on all day but it didn’t stop our day from being fun and it brightened up later on.  Emma,  Sarah and  Racheal  said they enjoyed the day.  Ziva loved the meerkats, Sarah was terrified of the bats and Racheal said she  is coming back to go on the monkey bus.







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