Researching the History of People First

The Advocacy Story Steering Group is made up of members from Liverpool and Sefton. They have been meeting every Friday morning to research the history of People First Merseyside as part of our Heritage Lottery funded project. They have been learning research skills as well as doing fun activities. This is because next year People First Merseyside will be 30 years old.

When People First Merseyside was 25 years old they made a timeline that showed all the important events for people with learning disabilities that had happened since the organisation started. The Steering Group have been looking at this timeline as part of their research.

They have started thinking about how to update the timeline by adding the next 5 years to it. The Steering Group has decided that in order to do that they need to work out which events from the last 5 years were the most important. They have been doing research to help them decide which events were most important. Last week they were using Facebook to do research.

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