Health Champions Speak Out

Health First Liverpool  is our  project that raises awareness of health issues for people with a learning disability in Liverpool.  We have a team of Health Champions who have been learning lots about health over the past couple of years.  This is what they had to say about the project.

Max said “I enjoy it I like doing new things like table tennis, I would like to do more and try other sports to like badminton.”

Anthony said “We play the sugar game on our road shows to help people learn how much sugar is in certain foods and drinks. People have to guess how much sugar is in the different items. They always get a shock when they find out how much sugar is in a bag of jelly babies!”

Joe C said “I really like doing the beer goggles game where we learn about the effects of alcohol. We play a game where people have to throw a ball into a bucket while they are wearing the beer goggles. It’s good because it helps you think about how much you should drink and keeping yourself safe.”

Iain said “I like the eat well plate where we look at healthy food. I have learnt that eating fish is healthy, I have learnt how much sugar is in food. I never have sugar in tea because it is bad for my teeth if I have too much.”

Joe B said “The Health First project has been great, we have leant about units of alcohol, the eat well plate and the different types of food like; fruit and veg, carbohydrates, protein, dairy and trash food. I have learnt all about it with Shirley.  I have been going to road shows and playing the beer goggles game with people.  I feel really important when I go out to do the road shows I have to wear a People First Merseyside T-shirt, I like it because it shows me that we are all part of the team. I like wearing my People First Merseyside hoodie as well. Being in a team means team work which is about helping each other.”

Joe C said “Working with Shirley has been good, she works really well with the group, she is funny and we have a laugh together.”

Anthony said “We have done work about personal hygiene using our new body board. We use magnetic pictures to stick on the board to help us talk about how we can keep clean and fresh. This is really important so we don’t smell and stops us getting sore and itchy.”

Max said “I am making friends and have been coming for a long time now so they feel like my old friends now.”

Joe C said “Since I been coming I have made friends, I love it.”

Joan said “I like to learn and have been making friends. I am enjoying been coming I am learning about healthy food and eating . I have made my own presentation fro the road shows so I can tell people all about my health,  I feel brilliant, it’s the first the time I have done it.”

Joe B said “When I come to People First  Merseyside I come on the train on my own and walk from Lime Street station to the office. I  also book my own taxi to get home get again at the end of the day . It makes me feel great, I am an independent traveller.”


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