Emergency First Aid at Work training

On Wednesday 3rd May, paid workers and members, Emma, Tracy and Geraldine did the emergency first aid at work training in the People First Merseyside office, at the Investment Centre.

We each gave an introduction to get to know each other. We learned about the recovery positions and CPR which stands for Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation. We learned how to help someone who has stopped breathing.

Our trainer was called Andrew Stanley. He showed us how to use an AED. This is a machine also called a defibrillator, that can do resuscitation on someone.

 Andrew also showed us how to deal with someone chocking. We learned how to put a dressing on a cut. Andrew told us how to support someone with Epilepsy.

We did a little test at the end and we all passed first time. So now Emma is a First Aider for Sefton Health First Project and Tracey and Geraldine are First Aiders for the Liverpool People First Merseyside.

We all good laugh and I felt it was a fantastic day. I learned loads and would feel much more confident if someone needed first aid treatment.


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