Week 1 of new training for Sefton Health Champions

Sefton Health Champions started a 6 week course today. The course is  about  sex education and relationships.  It has been  designed for adults with learning disabilities and is being run by Trisha and Ann, who are Health Trainers with Mersey Care NHS Trust.

Today we met everyone and did some introductions. We all had to say our name and say what film or TV show we liked best.

Michael said ,”Coronation Street”  and Sarah said,  “The Big Bang theory”.  Trisha explained to everybody what the course was about and described the 8 different topics. Everyone then discussed which topic they wanted and agreed the following subjects.

We will be having workshops on;  Understanding Emotions/Managing Relationships, Meeting People, Sexual Health, Public and Private Places and Consent and Parenthood.

We all then did a group exercise looking at the difference between men and women.

The last thing we did was discuss what our hopes and fears were for the course. People said, ” I want to learn more “,  ” The circle of life ” ,” Learn more about men and women”, “A bit nervous”, ” Gain more confidence”.

People said, ” I really enjoyed the session”, “I am looking forward to the next session and learning new things about a subject we don’t talk about much”.


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