Health First Sefton Roadshow-a new group at Hugh Baird

Rachel, Sarah and Rebecca did a Health First Sefton Roadshow today at Hugh Baird College in Bootle. This was Rachel’s first time at leading a roadshow. The group were a new group, who were in year 1 of their life skills course.

Everyone really enjoyed the beer goggles and were amazed at how much alcohol can affect your vision. Everyone took a copy of the Eatwell Plate and people said, ” I am going to stick mine on the fridge so I can remember what to eat” and  “I am going to show mine to my family”.

After the sugar game people said ,” I can’t believe how much sugar is in jelly babies!” and “I  love chocolate, but I think I need to only eat a little bit now and again now!”

The health champions got a round of applause at the end. Afterwards Rachel said, ” I was really nervous, but think I did well and really enjoyed it”.

Well done everyone!    

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