An update on the Road Ahead







Following the success of the 7th Road Ahead course, we are planning our next course, which we hope to start soon, so if you are 18-30 years old, live in Sefton and have a learning disability, why not give it a go? Please contact Gary or Ziva at People First for more information on what’s happening.


We have 6 trainers for the next course.  Lee, Racheal and O J graduated from course 7 and are keen to become trainers on the next course.  Emma, Toni and Sarah are veterans of the last course and will work alongside the new trainers to deliver the course.


We expect the course to start in May and it will take place at Waterloo Community Association again.  Mike and then team there were very welcoming and provide a handy venue for running the course for Sefton residents.

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