Health First Sefton Road Shows at Strand By Me

Yesterday and today the Sefton Health Champions did more roadshows at the Strand By Me shop in Bootle Strand. On Thursday we were visited by some people from Merseyside Youth Association. They hadn’t been to one of our road shows before and they joined in the games. They learned about alcohol using the beer goggles game . They also learned about heathy eating using  the  Eatwell Plate and took some leaflet home about how to eat healthy.

Liam said ” I really enjoyed today “.  Lesley said ” It was great to get new people here” . One of our new members Jason, also came today and said, ” I really liked it and want to become a health champion too”.

On Friday Debbie from  Sefton Health  and Lifestyle Trainers was there and some people had their blood pressure taken. This is a good thing to do to help you stay healthy. Jason said ” I thought it meant you take blood, but it doesn’t and it doesn’t hurt”.

Over 20 people came to the roadshow and took information away to help them keep healthy.

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