All About Joe

My name is Joe Baxter, I am 24 years old. I live in Liverpool with my mum and dad. I like to play football, drinking a bottle of beer, playing darts with my dad. I like to stay in bed sometimes.

I finished college after 5 years and I joined People First Merseyside. I started working with Shirley, I learnt how to be a Health Champion. I learnt how to do the sugar game looking at how much sugar is in drinks and sweets. I learnt how to sign in at reception. I have learnt independent travelling; sometimes I go on the train on my own and sometimesI phone my own taxi. I like seeing new people I have made friends with people from the Health First Liverpool group and also people from the Sefton group.

I have been out to do Health Roadshows,  we went to Acorn Farm to meet the people who work there. We did our alcohol roadshow and told people about the units in alcohol. It was awesome because I threw the football into the red bucket when we played the beer googles game.

I have been coming to ‘Move it Monday’, we have played table tennis, Judo, Curling and Wii games. My favourite is table tennis because I beat Shirley.

I went to a hate crime event with Merseyside police, it was really interesting and I learnt about Hate Crime.

I look forward to coming into People First to see everyone. We have a new worker called Holly, she is working on our Heritage project – I am going to be part of that project and join the steering group.

WhenI come to People First I feel important because I got to be Chairperson at joint health meeting with Mencap Liverpool.

I feel great!



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