Monthly Archives: March 2017

March 30th 2017

Health First Sefton Celebrates

Today the Sefton Health Champions held a celebration event at the Mons in Bootle. All  the health champions came and…

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March 28th 2017

All About Joe

My name is Joe Baxter, I am 24 years old. I live in Liverpool with my mum and dad. I…

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March 24th 2017

Health First Sefton Road Shows at Strand By Me

Yesterday and today the Sefton Health Champions did more roadshows at the Strand By Me shop in Bootle Strand. On…

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March 13th 2017

Get Involved Group – Working in Partnership

The Sefton Group of People First Merseyside held their  Get Involved Group meeting on Friday 10th  March at Bootle Town Hall….

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March 08th 2017

Road Ahead week 8 Money

For week 8 Road Ahead session. Emma done welcoming and introduction and recap last week session then we started to play money…

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March 01st 2017

Road Ahead week 5 Keeping Healthy

For the 5th Road Ahead session . We talked about Keeping Heathy  We started to play ball game. Emma showed her…

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