Sefton Health Champions start new roadshows at Hugh Baird

Sefton Health Champions ran two road shows today at Hugh Baird College. Nearly 30 students came to the road show. We did our new hand hygiene  session and the new quiz on healthy topics.

Paul said, “I was a bit nervous doing the first one but really enjoyed the second one”. Phil said, “I thought it went well and the more we practice the better we will be”

Lesley said, ” It was amazing to see that there were still pretend germs on people’s hands after they had washed them. Rachel said,” This was my first road show and I liked it, it was great to show people the proper way to wash hands and that it needs to be for between 15 and 30 seconds too”. Michael said, ” Shining the UV light  on peoples hands really shows where people need to wash”

One person said, ” I will take my work sheets home and show my family “. Another person said,” Come back anytime  we really enjoyed it”. The college tutor Rachel said,” This is a great input and goes well with the cookery class we are about to do “.

Well done Sefton Health Champions on a busy couple of days!

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