Sefton Advisory Group – Working Together

Today we were privileged to be asked to join the Sefton Advisory Group it is a meeting put together in partnership with Merseyside police and lots of  community partners just like People First Merseyside.

The meeting was held at Police Headquarters in Liverpool  and was chaired by Inspector John Sacker and  is a chance for  organisations across Sefton to come together to talk about all aspects of community and crime in the borough.

Phil, Nicola and Jason one of our newer members attended the meeting and we were greeted by some familiar faces including PC Alan Landrum community engagement officer for Sefton,  PC Steph Burke Community engagement officer for Liverpool, Gerrie McConaghy from the hate crime unit and Jennie Currie from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

It was good to see people from lots of different organisations some we had not heard about before it will be a great opportunity to get to know more about what happens across Sefton.


We heard from City Heart  who deal with human trafficking which is about people being sold as slaves some people were shocked to find out that it happens in our area.

We heard from Crimestoppers about the work they do and how that helps the work that the police do.

We heard from St Leonards who are working hard supported the disadvantaged people of South Sefton.


We are really looking forward to getting more involved we will keep you posted.





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