Road Ahead Course week 2 Where I live.

Today we welcomed back the group for our second session and introduced a new member, Lee, who started the course today.

We started off with a game of ‘Community’ Jenga.  The Jenga blocks had questions that people read out to the group and then had to answer.  After lunch everybody completed a work sheet about what they like and don’t like in their local community. Everybody did a great job and we found out a lot about different areas people live in. Finally, we asked everyone to put something on the evaluation sheet about what they thought of today’s session.

We also gave everyone an invitation to our Spring disco at the Mons.


These what they said on evaluation Sheet

I think I did better last time

I think I am doing alright with these sessions

I like today because I was confident to talk about me

I like it because it good

My first day and I enjoyed it and working in a team








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