Road Ahead course week 1 All About Me

Nine Thornton College students, plus Rachel Roy and Ojay Graham joined our Road Ahead Course and they will be coming every Wednesday for 8 sessions. Our first session was called  All about Me . We talked  about ground rules, health safety and photo consent forms.   Everybody signed the Commitment Charter to say they will attend all sessions and stick to the Ground Rules.   We played the Name Game and the All About Me dice game. We also completed All About Me worksheets . At the end of the session we filled in the evaluation sheets.   Everyone put smiley faces and comments on the evaluation sheet.  We took lots of pictures all through the session.

These are the comments that students from Thornton College and Rachel and Ojay put about the Road Ahead course week 1 ‘All about Me’.

This what they said:

. I like it today thank you

.  I liked the course today, the trainers were good and  helpful . I enjoyed attending.     

. We had fun.









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