Competitive Curling

At Move It Monday today we had a go at something different.  We played Indoor Curling.  We split in to 2 teams; red and blue of course!

First we tried the game with numbers on the target, the team with the most points at the end of each round won.  Each team took it in turns to have a shot at the target.  The competition was fierce but eventually the blue team won out.

After the break we tried the other target where the team with their marker nearest to the centre won.  We got very creative this time and people were trying out different moves and we even started using a broom to push the markers along the floor.

It was a really good and fun afternoon.  This is what everyone said:

“It was good, it was different.  I scored a few of the winning goals, it was very competitive, it was the first time I’ve done it before.”

“I enjoyed it, I would like to do it again, it helps me with adding the numbers.  It helped me to focus and to concentrate.”

“It helps us to make friends because you bond, cheering your friends on helps you to feel good.”

“I’ve only been to the Liverpool office twice and I’ve loved getting to know everyone and mixing with other people and making new friends.”

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