Truly a Community Garden – The Brunny

Today was a very special day for the Garden project.  As it is winter there is not normally a lot to do but today was very different.

One Vision Housing, Savina and Assist donated their time and their resources including  tons and tons of new compost to the project as well as their man (and woman) power to help us to clear out all of the old soil  in the raised beds and fill them with new compost.

They also brought us lots and lots of lavender plants which were planted, the plan for them is that working in partnership with St Leonards and the Brunny  it is going to be used to make lavender soap and fragrance bags.

Everyone got stuck in weeding and digging , Lesley even got to have a go with the leaf blower which she loved and said ‘I am made up I love the gardening. ‘


Working in partnership with The Brunswick Youth and Community Centre in the new year we will be able to start the year off planting all of the seeds so that we are ready to harvest lots of fruit and vegetable  that we will be able to cook with and donate to those who need it.


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