Sefton Health Champions Roadshow at St Joseph’s

Today Nicola, Sarah and Paul ran a Health First Roadshow at St Joseph’s in Formby.

This was Sarah and Nicola’s first visit to St Joseph’s  and Sarah said,

” This is a beautiful place so chilling!” Paul said, “This would be a great place to ride my bike”.

Nicola told her my story about how she has survived cancer and everyone gave her a round of applause. The sugar game went down well and there was some great guessing, Paula said,” I would never have believed there is so much sugar in every day items. I need to be more careful what I eat”.

Everyone joined in the beer goggles game and the support staff were really shocked  about how much your balance is affected, if you drink too much alcohol.

After the road show everyone watched the Get Healthy Get Active DVD. Karen said, “This is the same kind of activities you will be doing too. We all hope you enjoy them as much as we did”.

Sarah said, “I was really nervous when I did the water sports, but everyone  encouraged me and I was so glad when I had done it”.

After the roadshow, Paula showed the champions around St Joseph’s and we looked at the sensory room and the hydrotherapy pool. We also looked at the indoor trees and plants in a very relaxing area called the ‘pteridium’. These are real trees grown indoors.

Sarah said,”This is a very relaxing place, we really enjoyed doing the roadshow”.

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