Liverpool Health Champions Are Go!

Our Liverpool Health Champions are working really hard, developing their Roadshows.  We have been working each week to refresh ourselves about the key messages that we want to share with other people with learning disabilities in Liverpool.

To help us we went to see a workshop about personal hygiene delivered by an organisation called ‘Backpack’ at Greenbank college.

‘Backpack’ use life size puppets called Joe and Joanne to help people to think about  and discuss a variety of issues.  Our workshop was all about Joe.  We worked as a group to give Joe, thoughts, feelings and a life.  We decided that Joe was a young man who goes to college, he also has a part time job at Anfield.  Joe liked the new girl who had started at his college and she liked him too.  Unfortunately, Joe did not keep up with his personal hygiene, this meant that he did not smell very nice and the new girl at college did not want to go out with him.

Our Health Champions were able to speak to Joe and give him advice about how to look after his body and to keep himself clean, fresh and smelling nice.

Afterwards we split into 2 groups; men and women so that we could talk in more detail about looking after our bodies.

Geraldine Said “It was fun and interactive, I learnt a lot about keeping clean and how I should get ready to go out, how you look and smell determines whether people want to be around you.”

Anna said “It is good to keep clean, I am learning so much on the Health First group.  I want to be able to make a good impression on people, understanding about clean clothes is important.”

Joe said “I learnt about personal hygiene and keeping ourselves clean.  I learnt a bit more than I knew before like cleaning my teeth twice a day.”

We really enjoyed the workshop session with ‘Backpack’ and will be able to use the key messages from the day in our Roadshows.

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