Horsing around with the police

Members of People first Merseyside’s Sefton Group have been working with PC Alan Landrum who is the Community Engagement officer working with groups in Sefton.

As a result of this work he invited us to go along to Mather Avenue Police Training Centre to have a look around the mounted division to meet all of the Horses and their riders.


We travelled across Liverpool in the rain to Mather Avenue and we were greeted by Alan who introduced us Jane and Andrea who are officers in the mounted division.

We met all of the 16 horses some of them are very spoiled and were banging on their stable doors for attention off us!!

Lesley’s favourite horse was Elvis.

We got to see places that the public don’t get to see we went into the tack room (where all of the equipment is kept) we saw all of the horse saddles and harnesses for everyday and for when they are attending ceremonies like the Lord mayors parade or the Grand National.

Some of the group got to try on some of the uniform that the officer have to wear including riot gear which includes a very heavy helmet that nearly got stuck on Paul Walsh’s head and a stab vest that Monica wanted to take home!

We had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back to meet all of the dogs from the Canine division when they have a display day in the new year.

A massive thank you to Alan, Jane And Andrea for taking the time to speak to us and for showing us around.

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