Beer Goggle Bash

Our Liverpool health Champions delivered a health roadshow today at the Frances Taylor Foundation.  Geraldine, David and Tracy took the lead and went with all of their new equipment to share their key health messages.

When we arrived there was a room full of people (21).  We got right down to the job in hand very quickly.  We were getting across the messages about the harm alcohol can do to our bodies and how it makes us feel.  Alcohol can make us feel disorientated and vulnerable which can lead to people taking advantage of you.  Alcohol can affect your mood and temper and make people aggressive.

Everybody really enjoyed the beer goggles games, lots of people got up to have   a go.  The people that didn’t have a go told us they thought the game was very good and they enjoyed watching.  Well done to Peter, he was the only person who managed to get the ball in the bucket with the beer goggles on.

David said “It felt very  overwhelming and welcoming being a Health Champion today, I was almost bordering on euphoria because it really felt like the audience were very attentive and were wanting to listen to what I had to say the whole way through.”

We got some really positive feedback and Caroline has asked us to go back and do another roadshow in the New Year about healthy Eating.

David Said  “I feel very positive and am looking forward to going back.  I feel more confident now I have done my first roadshow, I feel so good I feel like I am doing somersaults on a trampoline!”20161129_1129041 20161129_1129111 20161129_1138461 20161129_1143401 20161129_1151551 20161129_1140171

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