Sefton Health Champions – Roadshow in Southport

On Thursday 27th October Sefton Health Champions delivered another roadshow in Birkdale Southport. We were invited by Cathy to go to a supported living home and other residents also came. It was an exiting roadshow because we were able to split the different games into different rooms in the house, so everyone could get involved.

We were made to feel very welcome  and the whole morning started with a great  cup of tea!

Paul Walsh introduced the session and Nicola told everyone her story and experiences of recovering form breast cancer.

Some of the group stayed to look at the amount sugar in food. Graham said  “I need to watch my sugar” .Rebecca was very exited when we looked at the jelly babies and everyone was so surprised when Lesley and Simon told them there was 32 spoonfuls of sugar in the bag!

The rest of the group looked at the eatwell plate and talked about how to eat a balanced diet. Nicola said ” Try to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day to be healthy”

Both the groups came together and Paul ran the Spin Wheel Quiz, with questions about different health topics. Both teams scored the same even after a tie breaker, so Paul said “Everyone is a winner well done!”

It was a great morning and thanks to everyone who took part.

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