Liverpool Health Champions get their show on the road.

Our Liverpool Health Champions were invited to the launch of the Learning Disability Team’s service at the Royal Hospital in Liverpool.  The event took place in the Linda McCartney Education centre.

In the morning we heard about how people with a learning disability sometimes die younger than people without a learning disability because they do not get the right treatment or support.  Women with a learning disability can die 20 years younger and men 13 years younger.  The Learning Disability Team, Serena Jones and Ged Jennings are now working in the Royal to make sure that people with a learning disability get the right treatment and support if they go into hospital.

In the afternoon we delivered our first Health Roadshow to people with learning disabilities, family carers and health professionals in the Royal.  We told people about or key health messages around alcohol, smoking, cancer, healthy eating, annual health checks etc.

Geraldine said “It was great today, Ged and Serena were down to earth and easy to talk to.”

Joe C said “We saw lots of different organisations, the morning was good because we heard people talking about how people with learning disabilities will be better supported.”

Paddy said “It upset me to hear that people with a learning disability die younger than other people and it can be prevented.  I am looking after my own body better and eating better food.  I want other people to know how to look after themselves better.”

Tracy said “Today was really good, it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I felt great doing the roadshow because I was talking to lots of people about health and about People First Merseyside. and showing them our leaflets.”


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