Who Needs Rio when you’ve got Formby!!!!

On Monday 22nd August Sefton Members were invited to take part in the St Josephs Olympics 2016. There would be teams taking part in different sports and games including Target Ball, Archery, Javelin, Basket Ball Slalom, Boccia and  movement to music.

Monday arrived and so did the rain but that didn’t stop us we arrived to a very warm welcome we were all given tshirts and told we were the orange team (even though none of the Tshirts were orange!!).

As a group were given a list of our activities and a map of where they all were.

The rain didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon so we braved the rain and went to our first event this was Target Ball, in 2 teams you had to throw a bean bag onto a target to score points the further away the traget the higher the points.

Simon was by far the best at this game scoring in the high zone most of the time even though he was getting wet under the trees.

Next we went inside to do movement to music one of Lesley’s favourites with Collette from the Active Sefton team. We danced to the music man, the YMCA and many more. It was hard work but at least we were dry!!

Next was Boccia again lucky as this was also inside out of the rain a game our group are really good at the Blue team won!!

The rain didn’t look like it was going to stop for lunch, we were treated to a fab Barbeque of Burgers and hotdogs we had to make sure our buns didn’t get wet!!

By some miracle the rain decided to go off during lunch which meant that the afternoon activities could all take place outside. Our first one was Wheels for all accessible bikes we got the chance to try some them on a slalom.

We then got the chance to have a go at Archery, this was something not many of our team had done  before but after a little practice we got the hang of it and were actually really good at it.

Basketball slalom was next bouncing a ball around a course, this was not as easy as it looked although Lesley was very good at it even showing the others what to do.

Our most competitive event  was the javelin each team member threw 3 javelins to see who could get it the furthest, the result was a draw between Phil and Simon.

But by far the most fun we had all day was when we got the chance to get wet not from the rain!!  Our team competed in ‘All Hands on Deck’ this was a tug of war game where one member of the team had to sit in a small boat in the water and they were pulled along by the other members of the team to the other side and then they would swap.The aim opf the game was to pulll the most people along.

We had an amazing day.

Paul Said “I really enjoyed it even though it was raining at the start I liked getting a t shirt, medal and a trophy. I  liked the archery I had never done  it before and would like to do it again.”

Phil said “It was an amazing experience and enjoyable a opportunity not to be missed. I loved all of it.”

Rebecca said” It was great I enjoyed it all especially ‘All hands on deck and having to get in the dinghy.”

At the end of the day everyone got given a medal and a trophy to celebrate their achievements.

A massive thank you to Julie and all the team at St Josephs  for inviting us and making us feel like part of their team, and to Active Sefton who provided the equipment and a team who provided motivation and encouragement to everyone.





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