Sefton 2030 Vision – What we want for our future

Sefton Council want to know what the people of Sefton would like it to look like by the year 2030.

On Wednesday the 29th  June at Sing Plus lots of us came together to think about what is important to us, what we might look like and the things we want to be able to do in Sefton.

Jayne Vincent from Sefton Council will be putting together a plan including all of the things that we said to shape Sefton over the next 14 years.

This was something very different and really made people think, our members were asked to thing about what they would look like in 14 years time, this was hard for some people others had a clear idea about what they wanted to be and included things like having children or being married.

We then chose 3 things that are important to us for the future and these included; having lots of local shops,safe neighbourhoods, better transport around the borough, better education for people and more chances to improve our health.

There was also a worksheet about the things we do in Sefton the things we do outside of Sefton and the things we do far away from Sefton. People certainly do get around.

People also got the chance to tell everyone waht they loved about Sefton our members said lovely things about People First Merseyside but also said they loved that it was near the beaches and there are great places to go on their bikes.

We got some great feedback and can’t wait to find out what happens with all of the information we provided.

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