The EU Referendum – What’s it all about anyway!!

The Sefton members have been discussing the EU referendum and saying they really didn’t understand what it was about.

The group asked Joanne to find out about  it and help them understand.

We found some easy read information about what the referendum is, we also got some easy read information from the Vote Leave campaign and the Stronger in Europe campaign.

Today we have spent all day trying to understand both sides of the argument and what we have to do to have our say.

We discovered that some of our members were registered to vote and other were not sure. We contacted a lovely man called Sam at the Electoral register office who helped us find out if we were registered to vote or not.

It was really hard to understand and people are still not sure how they are going to vote which is the same as most of the country.

David said”Doing this has helped me I know what it is now and I will be voting if I can.”

Lynne said “it was very hard i know a little bit more now I will be taking the easy read stuff home to show my mum.”

Lesley said “It was good listening to Joanne she explains thingsto me in a way I understand.”

If you want to know more go to theis website it has all of the easy read information on it.

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