Health First- Fun At Netherton Activity Centre

Today Cheryl, Rebecca and Phil ran a Health First Roadshow, at the Netherton Activity Centre  and 15 people were there today.

We were able to use the big sports hall so there was loads of room to move around. Everyone enjoyed the beer goggles game and had loads of goes trying to knock the skittle down. It was so hard to do and people said “if that what it’s like if you drink too much then its very dangerous”

People also made some great guesses in our Sugar Game and said

“I didn’t know there was so much sugar in things”

Collette one of the Get Health Get Active  coordinators, also gave us some information about how many hours excecise you need to do to burn off sugary drinks. If you drink a very sugary drink you need to do over 2 hours excercise to burn it off!!

The  health champions gave everyone an Eat Well plate and a copy of the Sefton Healthy recipes guide to take home and they received a big round of applause. Well done everyone , keep it up!!

After the roadshow people said ,”I am going to do football and keep fit”  and ” I am going to eat more veg”.

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