Health Champions- Sefton- Roadshow Success

Sefton Health Champions, Emma, Stephen and Simon ran the first roadshow with the Get Healthy Get Active team today. This was at Crosby Lakeside and the team gave a fabulous enthusiastic  session. Over 15 people were there and people really loved  having a go at the beer goggles game.

People said things like, “It really shows you how drink affects your eyes”, ” I do not want to feel like that , it could make me fall over”

Emma said ” It was good that people wanted to join in”

Simon said “I was able to talk to people on their own about how much sugar they should eat”  The health champions explained that they had also taken part in the Get Healthy Get Active programme and had really enjoyed it.

The Health Champions also gave everyone a copy of the Eat Well Plate and went round everyone explaining how to eat a healthy diet.

Terri from Get Healthy Get Active  Team said ” That was great and a brilliant way for our participants to get some information about health. Well done”

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