The Garden Project – The Story so far our battle with weeds!!

Its been a while now since we started working with the lovely Lol at The Brunswick Centre, we have been going every week planting, watering and watching waiting to see what will grow.

Our biggest problem as with any gardening project is weeds and for us its about telling the weeds from the plants so that we don’t pull up all of the lovely things that we have planted!!!

By far our best weed puller is Sarah she is able to tell the nettles from the masses of mint that is growing and every week she will go and check to see if there are any new weeds we need to pull out.

Everyone else is learning which is which and getting better at winning the battle with weeds!

It is getting very exciting now as things are starting to grow and very soon some of our produce will be ready for picking. We are hoping that in a week or 2 we will be able to pick some onions and some of the potatoes that we planted in January along with some Cabbages, we are looking forward to the Bubble and Squeak Lol has promised to make for us!!

The station is coming on too, next week we will be there planting on all of the plants that are now big enough to withstand the cold weather. Lets hope nobody pulls them out until they are ready.

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