Passport To Good Health – A success on Friday 13th!!

Some might say that Friday 13th  is an unlucky day but not for the Sefton Health  Champions.

Friday 13th  was the day of the Sefton Passports To Good Health  event at Crosby Lakeside.

Everyone had worked really hard in a very short time to get ready for the event, the champions had been practicing their presentations and speeches and making sure they knew what their job would be on the day and where they needed to be.

The day arrived all the preparations we done all we had to do now was hope that people came… goodness did they come!!

We had 102 people packed into the Lakeside all ready to learn about Health Passports,  annual health checks and find out more about how to improve their health.

The Sefton Health champions did a fantastic job of leading the day making sure everyone was where they needed to be and had the things that they needed.

Anthony, Steven and Paul –  welcomed everyone on reception signing people in and giving out packs of information.

Lesley  – made sure there were signs up so that everyone knew where to go.

Emma and Rebecca-  put all of the equipment people needed for the day on the tables

Sarah-  made sure that everyone had signed up for a workshop so that they didn’t miss out.

Everyone had a job to do and they did it well.

The day was jam packed with exciting things to do we had our key note speakers, We welcomed Katie Matthews from NHS England who were the people who gave us the funding for the event, she told us all about the work they do on the LD Engagement team. We also heard from Geraldine O’Carroll who talked about how important health  is in Sefton.

To find out what people think we used something called turning point which is like ask the audience in who wants to be a millionaire.  We used keypads to answer questions about our health to find out what we knew then in the afternoon we did it again to measure if there had been an improvement.

Pippa Rose a nurse, Tracy Reed Sefton Health Facilitator and our very own Michael Reid talked to us about the importance of having an annual health check. Micheal did some acting as a patient having a health check and he told the nurse he smoked and drank 25 pint a week (this is not true might i add!!) this was to show people what happens at a health check and the advice yoi might be given.

One of the main things we wanted to do was to hear from people themselves, we did some group work asking the questions about peoples experiences of health services and what stop them having good health we got some really interesting stories from people both good and not so good.

In the afternoon  we held some workshops they were;

Sensory Stories a workshop showing people how using your other senses to tell a story can be really poweful and help those of us who don’t use verbal communication. It was the first time we had ever seen a workshop like this and it was a great success people got lots out of it.

Guess Who this workshop looked at how hospitals use the Hospital passport to help people when they go into hospital they used actual uniforms to help people to understand.

Cancer Screening Tracy, Wendy and Pippa talk to us about the national cancer screening programmes and why it is important to go for any of the screening tests if we are asked to and how to be aware of your body for changes.

Health  Champions our very own health champions ran a workshop to talk about some of the key health  messages, the y talked about how much sugar is in our food and alcohol awareness they used some really fun activities to help us understand.

The day was finished off in style with some chair exercises ran by Martin from the Get Healthy Get Active prohject he put us through our paces with some exercise to wake us up after a long and action packed day.

The day was a huge success thanks to everyone involved in making it happen and to all of the people who came along and joined in with all we had planned.




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