Road Ahead Trainers Ready to Go!

Today with the Road Ahead Training and Skills for Life trainers Eric Baig and Lewis Scott have been practising for the 6th training course that we will be delivering soon.

Eric said “I was a trainer 2 years ago when Lewis was on the course.  I am ready to be a trainer again and I’m practising hard.  I’ve been practising at home to my mum and I’m feeling really confident.  Lewis is my friend and we help each other and this is building my confidence and I can’t wait to meet the new people on the course.”

Lewis said “I’ve been practising at home too.  I rang Eric this morning to remind him what time we were meeting.  I’m an excellent trainer and I can’t wait for the training to start.  We’ve been practising who does what part on the day and if one of us forgets the other one steps in and helps.  We are a good team and work well together.  We have a laugh and I think everyone is going to enjoy the course.”

Eric said “We’ve had to go and buy some things that we needed for the course and me and Lewis decided between us what we thought the prize should be for winning the game.  It was hard to chose as we couldn’t have sweets or chocolate in case the person who wins has an allergic reaction and we don’t know if the winner will be a girl or a boy – we did get a good prize in the end though!”

Lewis said “Me and Eric are friends and we help each other, we have a laugh, Les from the MPAC shop gave us some hats when we went to buy some bits from there and we wore them when we went back up to the office and none of us could stop laughing!”

It’s been an awesome day and we’ve all worked really hard – we are going to smash the training and we can’t wait!

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