My Journals – Cally Ann McEvoy

Hi, my name is Cally and I’m a member of the Road Ahead and the HealthFirst Liverpool Group of People First Merseyside.

Over the last few months we have been working hard in Liverpool with different organisations Active Me Liverpool, Mersey Care, Lenard Cheshire Can Do, The Bluecoat and ACE.

In November 2015 members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group were given 1 months free membership to the Lifestyles Gyms by Active Me.  They want to get people in Liverpool with a disability to be more active – by running disabled friendly classes and encouraging people to use the Lifestyle Gyms and use mainstream services.  They have also asked us to deliver Disability Awareness Training Level 1 and Level 2 to Leisure Centre Staff so that the Gyms are more accessible for everyone.  Active Me have also given us LOADS of other opportunities:

  • Bike Riding Courses in Walton Hall Park with Bike Right
  • Climbing at Awesome Walls
  • Watersports at the Liverpool Water Sports Centre at the Marina.

To encourage us all to do more Active Me are doing the “Round the World Challenge”.

We have to make our way round 3 maps – one of the UK, one of Eurpoe and one of the World.  Dan moves us along and for every hour we exercise we move further on our journey.  We have a photo of us that we move.  We log things we do like the Gym, swimming, walking  etc (WALKING AROUND TOWN SHOPPING DOES NOT COUNT!!)

Some people from the Road Ahead and the HealthFirst Liverpool Group have  been attending the Pagoda Henry Street.  We have been working with ACE and getting involved with their “Amazing Monday Boot Camps”.  ACE is for people with learning disabilities and did similar things to what we were already doing – chair exercises and zumba.  So we joined in together.  Josh from Healthiness Ltd now does the Chair Exercises at the Pagoda and Jo Parry who did our zumba now delivers it to lots more people there too.

Health Champion Course – the Health Champion Course is running over a 24 week period and facilitated by Vivien Mansfield and Suzanne Robinson from Merseycare.  They have arranged for different health professionals to come along and talk to us about different things:

  • Smoking
  • Hygiene
  • stress management techniques
  • Alcohol
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy mouth and teeth
  • lots more!

When the course is finished we are going to do roadshows to other people with a learning disability about what we have learned.

CAN DO is a programme which is part of Lenard Cheshire for young people.  Some of our Road Ahead members are part of the Can Do Steering Group and making decisions about what they want to do.  We had a big launch of the course we had completed in February at Bootle Town Hall and we had made a rap video called “NORMAL” it was a superb day.  In the steering group we are making things to sell at different events to raise money so we can go and try different things.

We have also been working with The Bluecoat – The Road Ahead have been working on a project called “Missing” with a Rapper called Juganaut and Stickman.  We’ve done loads of different things -creating a zine for a play that Juggernaut and stickman gave at the Bluecoat.  Some of our members have been to Nottingham to be a part of the national Missing project.

There is loads going on – line dancing, boccia, diary meetings, meetings about funding.  I work really hard and I give 100%.  I’ve got friends and I love coming here, I am much more active than what I was and I am learning about my health on the course.





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