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This week we talked about Healthy Minds and we had a trainee psychologist Adele come along.  Everyone welcomed Adele along.

Adele asked us “What is a psychologist?”

People said:

“It is a person who can help you when you have issues.”

“It is the person who helps you with methods in your mind to control how you behave.”

“If you have had something traumatic happen in your life – they support you through.”

“They are good at helping people to understand yourself.”

“Someone who helps you with your thoughts.”

Adele said psychologists do different therapies, and help people with their goals.  Adele told us that different therapies are good for different things and for different people.

Adele explained the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, is that a psychologist helps people by talking and a psychiatrist uses medicine to help people.  This works for some people as they might be very sad and need help quickly.

Adele said she has come here today to talk about emotions and feelings.   Adele asked what emotions are there?

People said:

Love, sad, frightened, happy, breakdown, stressed, unsettled, scared, relaxed, tense, fuming, agitated, anxiety, worried, aggressive, excited, shocked, overwhelmed, relaxed, amused, contentment.

During the session we looked at what a thought is, how this may make us feel, how we could display this by our behaviours and what helpful actions we can do.  Everyone talked about different times when they were happy, angry or sad and how they felt and how they acted and looked at ways to act differently in the future.

At the end of the session Adele did a guided meditation with us all and we all loved it.

It was hard at times to talk about our emotions but everyone agreed it was important and something we need to include in our roadshows.

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