HealthFirst Liverpool Health Champions talk about Hygiene!

This week we talked about personal hygiene – keeping yourself clean.

Everyone knew that they needed to wash every day to keep clean and fresh.

Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield from Mersey Care came along and went through where we need to wash, how we need to do it and why it is important.  We talked about washing our:

  • Hair
  • Teeth and mouth
  • Feet
  • Private parts
  • Hands
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Clothes and cleanliness

We watched a DVD called “My Bit’s Ain’t Nice” and usually we say that we like to see real people and not cartoons but this DVD was very good people said:

Cally said “it was retro and I liked the way they did it.”

Joan King said “it was really easy and understandable”

Eric said “it was funny”

Katrina said “It covered all the parts of the body”

We also got to use the “germ lotion” and UV lights to see where the germs collect and the places we sometimes miss when we was our hands.  People were really surprised.

It was a really interesting and fun session – a big thank you to Suzanne and Vivien from Mersey Care – we can’t wait for next week!

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