HealthFirst Liverpool Art Group

Every Thursday members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group have an Art Session with an advocacy theme with our volunteer facilitator Chris Simmons.

Today our members have asked to work on their own pieces of art.  Colin wanted to draw the iconic Liverpool skyline.  Lisa wanted to learn how to draw trees, Eric and Patrick had asked to draw landscape and Lewis had asked to draw flowers.

Chris supported everyone to do this and said “I have a wonderful time each week with all of the group and I have seen everyone progress in confidence and ability.”

Patrick said “I’ve enjoyed using colour on a landscape.”

Colin said “I’ve had fun with my picture of Liverpool.  I brought in my picture from home and used tracing paper for the outline and have coloured it in.  It looks good.  I’ve got new friends here.”

Eric said “I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved today.  It’s really relaxed and I can talk to my friends and we help each other.”

Lisa said “I’ve decided to trace the tree to being with and then I’m going to build it up into a collage.”

Lewis said “I love coming to art each week, I wanted to do flowers and butterflies and Chris has got me a sheet and I’ve been doing that.  I remind everyone where we need to be and what we need to do.  As I’m Deputy Chair of the Road Ahead I gave Chris her cake and card for her birthday and we all sang Happy Birthday.”

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