HealthFirst Liverpool are Traveling the World with Active Me!!

Members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and Road Ahead have been involved with Dan at Active Me since November and taking part in the “Round The World Challenge.”

We have to log all of the physical exercise that we have been doing and each hour moves us around each of the maps.   On Tuesday Dan came along to present us with our T-Shirts and everyone agreed that they look superb!

Eric said “I’ve been going to the gym and going swimming after, I really enjoy the sessions that Dan runs here – we have a laugh.  I’ve completed the England and Europe map and we are waiting for the world map.  I think I’ve completed a fair way of that.  Dan moves us around the map each time he comes and it is a competition between us all.  We encourage each other to go to the gym even when we don’t really feel like it. The t-shirts look great!”

Max said “I’m really pleased I’ve got my t-shirt with everyone else.  I’ve been doing lots of walking and I really enjoyed the table tennis session that Dan did here last time.  We had a good laugh and I like coming along.”

The Hungar is very beautiful and I had to be the cat and be on top of the parachute and Jo was the mouse and had to crawl around under the parachute.  It was quite funny as everyone was shaking the parachute so the cat can’t find the mouse.  Then we were using the dice on the parachute and trying to hit it in the air and not to let it off on our side.  We won.”

Joan said “I really didn’t feel like coming here this morning, I’m glad I did I’ve had a great time and I loved the parachute we did loads of exercise and had fun with everyone.”

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