Health First- Sefton Group

We met today and continued with our practice for our roadshows in May. Paul, Phil and Michael did a fantastic job and we also practiced using our Eatwell Plate Game.  After our practice we  had a session to remember some of the healthy messages we have looked at so far.

Phil said “Smoking is really bad for you and there is help available to help you give up”. Lesley said” The 5 Ways to Well Being can help you improve your mental health as well”.

Paul said “The Eatwell plate is really useful to help you eat a healthy diet and eat plent of fruit and vegetables” .

After the practice most of the group went on a healthy walk with Terri and the Get Healthy Get Active Team. The health champions enjoyed the walk by the canal and on the way back Lesley, Paul and Emma had an unusual meeting with Les Dennis from Coronation Street! He was doing some local filming near by. The champions seized the moment took some pictures and gave him some of our People First leaflets. Les said he might call in to see us in the future. The Coronation Street fans amongst us were thrilled!!   

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