The Road Ahead at the Brunny!

In February the  Road Ahead began holding their steering group meetings at the Brunswick Youth Centre.  Every Wednesday we have been meeting at 10am – 2pm to hold our meetings and plan our next training course.

Lewis said “It is on Marsh Lane so on the first week Jeanette met everyone at the office in Bootle and we all walked down to the Brunswick together.  Jeanette made sure we knew the way from Bootle Bus Station and Bootle Train Station.”

Adam said “The Jamie Carragher Training Academy is there and loads of people there are training to be football coaches – I think it looks like a boss place to have meetings.”

The Sefton Group are working at the Brunswick on Tuesday’s on their gardening project  as well and everyone says how lovely Lol is!

A big thank you to Keith at the Brunswick for all his help and support.



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