The HealthFirst Liverpool Group Learning About Healthy Eating

The HealthFirst Liverpool Group Health Champions are receiving training from Vivien Mansfield and Suzanne Robinson from Mersey Care.  This week we have been talking about Healthy Eating and  Clare from PSS Health Trainers came in.

Clare gave the group a presentation and we talked a lot about “good” and “bad” foods.

People knew that cereal bars had sugar in them and you shouldn’t eat too many of them.

Clare advised that we check the label on the back and see how much sugar is in them. Clare said we could have a piece of fruit instead.   Sue said “some cereals are high in sugar e.g. frosties.”

Everyone knew that water was good for you.

Joan said “It has minerals that are in that are good for you.”

Eric asked about flavoured water and Clare advised that we could check the labels or make our own with strawberries or lemon/lime.

Clare told us that being hungry and being thirsty send the same signals to the brain and some people confuse the signals thinking they are hungry when they are thirsty. It is important to have lots of water.

Clare said that we should drink 2 litres of water every day.

We then looked at the sugar in drinks game. People were shocked at how much sugar there are in the drinks that we have every day.

Clare asked everyone what “5 a day meant?”

Katrina said – it’s how many pieces of fruit and veg we should be eating each day.

Vivien showed us a “vat of fat” she said that there was roughly double the amount of fat in an all you can eat buffet. Everyone was really surprised.

We talked about healthy swaps.

  • Sue said that we could swap from whole milk (blue top) to semi skimmed (green top) or skimmed (red top)
  • If you put sugar on your breakfast, try putting a portion of fruit on it instead
  • Choose lower-fat or fat free cheese and yoghurts
  • Swap cheesy sauces for tomato or vegetable sauces
  • Trim the fat off the meat or look for lean cuts of meat, for example choose back bacon instead of streaky bacon
  • Try to grill or roast meat instead of frying. If frying only use small amount of oil
  • Choose juices with no added sugars
  • Swap some of your fizzy drinks for water
  • Swap some of your chocolate, cakes, sweets for a portion of fruit

Clare talked to us about PORTION SIZE

The recommended food per day for adults is:

  • A FIST size portion of veg – 2 for men
  • A PALM size portion of meat – 2 for men
  • A THUMB size portion of fat
  • A CUPPED HAND size of carbohydrates

Eric told the group that he has cut down his intake of mayonnaise as that is full of fat.

Clare said that we need to:

  • Always check food labels: aim for foods lower in sugars, fats and salt
  • Try not to add salt or sugar to meals
  • Do you really need a second helping? Put your leftovers into storage containers

Clare told us that the PSS Health Trainers can help us improve our health  they can:

  • Provides 1 to 1 support around diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking
  • We can work with you for up to 12 weeks and help you make small, manageable changes to your lifestyle
  • We can also help you access services and activities in your local community
  • If you’re interested in seeing a Health Trainer, speak to your Doctor or Nurse
  • Alternatively, you can contact our call centre free on 0800 13 13 141 or email us at

Everyone thanked Clare for coming along today!

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