Road Ahead Training At Thornton College

On Friday 26th February 3 of our members – Lewis Scott, Emma Grange and Kat Dubber went along to Thornton College to deliver training to the students there.  The students were aged 17 – 19 years old.

Lewis said “It was great.  We were really professional.  We all got to the office on time and were dressed professionally and all prepared.  We’d done lots of practising and the training went really well on the day.  Everyone at Thornton College was really kind and welcoming and we had a great day.”

Kat said “We met people from last year who we saw when we came and did the training then.  It was great to see people again.  We did the All About Me worksheets and people came to the front to talk about themselves.  We had great feedback from the teachers there – they thought we were fantastic!”

Emma said “I’ve never done training before and I really enjoyed it.  It was great and went really well – I felt really proud.”

We really hope that people enjoyed our training and that some people decide to come on the next Road Ahead course!

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