Into the woods – Visit to Fernley

Yesterday People First Merseyside’s Sefton Group and Road Ahead project went to visit St Josephs Hospice and Fernley Day Centre. Paul Williams and Cally Ann McAvoy went along to meet the people who use the service and  see what they do.

Travelling to the centre by the directions we were given by Julie we headed towards Formby Beach and we went into the woods and we just kept going and going and going!!!

Eventually  in the distance we saw some buildings set in the heart of the woods a small distance away from the beach surrounded by trees, rabbits and squirrels.

We met the manager Julie Jones and senior Maria  who were going to be our guides for the day. We were shown to a room where there were a group of people who gave us a very warm welcome and a cup of tea.

We then had a tour of the Day Centre, the place has lots of amazing rooms designed to be sensory  to help people to relax or to wake people up, it also  has a hydrotherapy pool which we were told was most peoples favourite place.

We were then treated to lunch were we met more of the people who use the service.

There are lots of changes happening at St Josephs they  are wanting to work  more with the community and a very keen to work  with us at People First.

We had a wonderful day.


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