Health First Sefton, Ready for our first roadshow and Football Focus!

Today the Health Champions did a final run through for their first roadshow at St Georges’ Hall tomorrow. Emma said “I am really exited about an not nervous at all!”

The team had been following the news and reported that the Government had announced a new tax on sugary drinks. This means that drinks with lots of sugar will cost more, so hopefully less people will buy them.

Phil said ” thats a good thing and fits in with our roadshows too”. Karen showed everyone a news message from Public Health England and gave everyone a copy of the New Eatwell Plate. This shows what kind of food and how much from each group you should eat to be healthy. You can get a copy from the Public Health England Website.

In the afternoon with continued with our Get Healthy Get Active Sports and played walking football. We did warm up excercise first and then split into 2 teams. There was lots of competition and some great goals and saves too. In the end the green team won and everyone shook hands.

Martyn said ” that was great excercise I want to do it again”

¬†Simon said ” I really enjoyed that and I’m going for a swim tonight too!”

Cheryl said ” Thats the most excercise I’ve done for ages and I feel better for it ”




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