Blueroom Art Exhibition at Central Library

Lewis Scott told everyone that some of their work that they have been doing as part of Bluecoat Blueroom’s was being exhibited in Central Library.

Eric Baig and Lisa Frith of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group decided to go over and have a look.

Lisa said “I love going over to Central Library.  It looks beautiful since the refurbishment and it was great to see the young people’s work displayed.  People are working really hard.  Me and Eric had a coffee in the Costa after and then went for a walk around St James’s Garden’s.”

Eric said “I think Lewis should feel really proud of himself.  It was great to support our friend and go and see what he’s been up to by going to see his work and then me and Lisa went for a coffee.”

Well done Lewis!


IMG_8197 IMG_8201 IMG_8196 IMG_8199

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