The HealthFirst Liverpool Health Champions Talk About Healthy Lifestyles!

On Tuesday 24th February we had our 5th HealthFirst Liverpool Health Champions session.  This week it is about Healthy Living.

Vivien asked the group to name different forms of exercise.

People said:

Swimming; boxing; football; bike riding; skipping; rugby; walking; yoga; horse riding; tai chi; dancing; chair exercises; running; going to the gym; yoga; martial arts

Joan has been working hard on the Round the World Challenge and showed us some moves she had learned in Tai Chi that she has been doing at the centre which were superb!

She showed us “The Eagle”

Vivien said explained that one of the barriers to exercise is that sometimes people do not have enough money to pay for going to classes. Vivien asked everyone to think of things that they could do for free in our own homes or in our local community.

People said:

  • Walking/running/jogging round their local park
  • Dancing
  • Exercise DVD
  • Push ups before bed
  • Running up and down the stairs
  • Step up and down on the bottom stair
  • Clean up the house – blast the music out
  • Wii fit
  • Walking home from town with friends
  • The green gym equipment in the park
  • If you’ve got a bike go for a bike ride
  • Take your own tennis racquet and balls to the park
  • Get off a stop earlier on the bus

We then played the GIANT BALL GAME! On the giant ball is numbers and we all picked a number and Vivien asked us a question about our health!

  • “What are the social problems of being overweight?”
  • “What activity increases strength?”
  • “True or false. Some stress is good for you.”
  • “Name a problem if you do not get enough sleep.”

Eric said “I get up bad tempered like I’ve got out of the wrong side of bed.”

Max said “I say leave me alone, I’m in a bad mood, I’m not in a good space”

Cally said “I don’t take notice of what’s going on.”

Sarah said “It’s hard to concentrate”

Kat said “You look terrible if you don’t have much sleep.”

Joan said “You feel ratty and have headaches”

Sue said “You end up having a sleep in the afternoon.”

  • Should you eat before or after exercise?”
  • “What should you do immediately after injurying yourself when exercising to reduce swelling?”
  • “if you don’t have enough of this in your diet you get constipated.”
  • “True or false. Some people can eat as many calories they want and never get obese.”
  • “Should you have more or less water when you exercise?”
  • “what should you do before exercise?”
  • “What is a benefit of exercise?”
  • In what sport is the score LOVE?”
  • “Name one mental or emotional benefit of exercise.”
  • “What vitamin is associated with bones?”
  • “what is a good source of iron?”
  • “True or false. Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight.”
  • “what is more fattening – starch or sugar?”

We had some fantastic answers and lots of discussion this week – well done everyone!

Our health goals are:

Sue – not to eat as many baked potatoes

Max – to stay out longer when I exercise

Joan – Eat less bread

Sarah – Eat less potatoes

Cally Ann – Get back into going to the gym

Eric – Get back into going to the gym

Kat – get back into going to the gym

Everyone took away a 7 a day fruit and veg challenge and will try to eat at least 7 pieces of fruit and veg a day for the next 2 weeks!

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