The Friends and Voices Choir – Still Rocking On!

The Friends and Voices Choir meet every Monday at the Pagoda with the amazing Jan Cullen – our Choir Teacher.

Each week we begin with some vocal warm ups that get everyone ready for singing!

Sarah said “My favourite is Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty as I love watching The Big Bang Theory and it is from there. I come to Choir with my friend Emma I had to show her the way on the bus and now she knows how to get here and she is making friends with everyone like I did when I first started coming to People First Merseyside.”

We sang a few songs together – one of them was “We All Live In A Yellow Submarine” which was lots of fun.

Eric said “My mum said she didn’t expect to see me getting up the front and singing. I like the choir as it get’s me involved with the community and I’m with my friends.”

Lisa said “I love singing along with all the old songs, listening to my friends singing and I can see people getting and more and more confident each week.”

If you want to get involved come along!

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