Sefton Group – Working with Healthwatch

Sefton members had their monthly meeting today, joining us was a new member to the group Lynne. Lynne used to be a member a long time ago and went off to try new things but is back with us which we think this is fantastic news.

The meeting is a chance for us to catch up with each other and find out what work we have been doing.

Simon and Lesley told us about the garden project they are really enjoying it and more people will be gettin involved.

David and Phil told us about attending the Providers forum meeting where they went along and talked about the Get Involved Group and the Health Champions Project.

Michael told us about going to the Health group and talking about health checks and if they are working for people and if they are being done  in the right way.

Sarah is really busy as she is part of The Road Ahead, the Sefton Group and the Sefton Health Champions, she is really enjoying be part of all of these things as they keep her busy.

In the afternoon Wendy Anderson came to talk to us about our experiences at our GP practices everyone had a story to tell some were good and some were not so good, most of us have difficulty making appointments including using the phone systems as well as the electronic booking in system which people found difficult to use.

Some members like their doctors and others didn’t, soem of our members said they would like to change doctors but said they thought it would be too hard to do.

All of what we said to Wendy will be fed into the Healthwatch  board and they will be able to make improvements to services acros Sefton.

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