Health First-Sefton Session 6- Getting ready to get Active!!

The champions worked hard again today and learnt all about personal hygeine and handwashing. We learnt that you need to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and everyone had great fun praticing their handwashing techniques!

We then went to Bootle Leisure Centre and Terri and George  enrolled everyone on the Get Healthy Get Active Programme. We will be doing activities and sports  for the next 6 Thursdays.

We all got a T shirt and had a tour of the centre. We also looked at the execercise machines outside the centre that can be used for free,  to get fit.

Cheryl said “I’m really looking forward to the activties”  .

Phil said “It looks like a good programme”

Paul Walsh said “It will be great to have a go at new things”


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