Health First Sefton, Session 4

We’ve just had a great 4th session. We looked at lots of everyday foods and worked out how much sugar they have in them . We were suprised how much sugar is in lots of things, like coco cola drinks, polo mints and jelly babies.

We also found out there is sugar in tins of baked beans and spagehtti.We had great fun planning the ‘sugar game’ for our roadshows.

Martyn said, “I am really shocked there is so much sugar in some things”

Lesley said ” I will not drink full sugar coke now ”

Phil said ” This is a really important message for our roadshows”

The team also looked at different jobs they could do at the roadshows.There are lots of things to do like planning materials and writing ‘My Story’.

It was another fun session and everyone said they really enjoyed it.


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